The history of our family and the connection to the Eger wine region goes back several centuries. Documents prove that the Petrény family has been engaged in viticulture and winemaking in Verpelét since the beginning of the 1600s.

The respect and love of wine, the special relationship that is a defining condition for good wine, has been passed down from father to son ever since.

The deep knowledge and knowledge of this inseparable bond gave us faith and inspiration that the Petrény family would not only produce our wines for their own consumption.

In 2001, the modern development of the family estate and vineyard, as well as the winemaking and gastronomic experience, but based on family traditions and building on it, began and has been ongoing ever since.

SILVER wine family

We often only like to talk about great wines, but rarely drink them. We often long for wines that give us an experience, are light and fruity. Often, in the midst of our busy weekdays, we have neither the desire nor the energy to think about what wine to choose. In such cases, the wines we trust and know, and we get what we like from them, come in handy. Our SILVER wines are exactly like that. Whether it’s a juicy and sweet Egri star or a fruity, spicy Merlot.
„Safe choice, safe experience”

GOLD wine family

There are joyful moments in life when it would be nice to toast a joyful moment with something. There are weekends when we want to give you the opportunity to spend your rest meaningfully. We want to add to these experiences by adding wines that are worthy of these experiences. The wines of the Gold wine family are high-quality wines that give a special experience and are meant for special moments. We intended them for selected moments and exceptional occasions.
„For selected moments, exceptional occasions”

SUPERIOR wine family

They can only be made in exceptional vintages. The Superior wine family is the exceptional wines of the winery, they are unique, offer a special experience, and are truly made from a selection of our best barrels. These are uncompromising, premium wines that are companions for big moments and at the festive table. While sipping Superior wines, we can feel that sometimes life really is a gift. A gift that many people would like to receive.
„The Gift of Life”


What can Eger and Petrény Winery offer demanding wine consumers? First of all, experience. Whether it’s a Silver category, easy to drink, juicy and fresh wine, a unique style Gold with character and showing the small delicacies of Eger, or the wine of the Superior family, made only from exceptional vintages and exceptional fruit.


Wine competitions on international wine competitions is very important to us, as we can learn and draw conclusions from these competitions so that we can receive accurate feedback on the quality of our wines.


13 Gold
9 Silver
4 Bronze


5 Gold
19 Silver

6 Seal of approval


2 Gold
1 Silver


6 Bronze

It is the only bank in the country where money is not the main factor. The first Borbank was opened in the historic city center of Eger, on Kis Dobó Square.
All of the winery’s wines can be tasted, along with spirits and various cocktails.

  • more than 70 types of wine
  • 20 vintages in one place
  • 50 types of brandy and spirits
  • two separate rooms
  • Capacity for 70 people
  • cold dishes for wines
  • cocktails

The Szépasszony valley is neither a place nor a location – the Szépasszony valley is Eger itself. Cross section of VÖLGY Eger.

Our guests visiting Szépasszonyvölgy cellar 47 are greeted by two (separable) cellars with a unique atmosphere that can accommodate 120 people and can be an excellent place for family or friend gatherings.

The Chateau Petrény Event Center – which is also an estate center – opened its doors in 2019 on the edge of Verpelét, on the shores of a picturesque lake, among the most beautiful vineyards, providing its guests with an exclusive location and personalized services.

In Egerszalók, the Petrény Borpanzió provides an experience for our guests with elegant accommodation and programs. Let us enchant you in the rustic lounge! Enjoy our wines in the mysterious wine cellar. The cool wine cellar under our wine pension is excellent and invites you to wine tastings, events, and unique wine programs. The huge terrace, pleasant, soft grass, inner courtyard, the filagoria guarantee your refreshing relaxation.


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Vasút út 1.


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3300 Eger, Szépasszony valley 47 cellar


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3394 Egerszalók,
Ady Endre út 11.


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Kis Dobó tér 8.

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